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Animal Assistance Foundation

Louise C. Harrison founded the Animal Assistance Foundation (AAF) in 1975. Her goal was to prevent cruelty to domestic animals. In the years before the establishment of the Foundation, Ms. Harrison made significant donations to several animal care organizations. The idea for AAF itself began in the mid 1960s when she directed her attorney, "Take care of my animals."  To learn more about Animal Assistance Foundation please visit their website at www.aaf-fd.org

The Pedigree Foundation

Through no fault of their own, more than four million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations every year, and nearly half of them never find a place to call home. Our mission is to help those dogs by providing grants to 501(c)(3) shelters and rescue groups-and by encouraging dog adoption. To learn more about The Pedigree Foundation please visit their website at www.pedigreefoundation.org

Petco Foundation

PETCO Foundation has raised over $37 million through a combination of fundraisers including Tree of Hope, Spring A Pet, Round Up and KIND News. In addition, the PETCO Foundation is always prepared to launch immediate fundraising efforts in the case of natural disasters and emergencies. To learn more about Petco Foundation please visit their website at http://www.petco.com and click on the link Petco Foundation.
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Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc., would like to thank the following organizations for the generosity and kindness in providing grant funds for our furry friends.  With their help we were able to spay/neuter more little ones, take in more severely injured and also obtain much needed supplies for our furry friends. 
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Century Link

Thank you Century Link for making donations to Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue in the name of your employees who volunteer with us.    Your donations help our little ones with their medical needs.
The Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF)

The Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund (CPOF) was created by the State legislature in 2001 to curb pet overpopulation and reduce euthanasia of surplus, unwanted or abandoned dogs and cats.  Thanks to Colorado's concerned citizens who contribute to this effort, CPOF is able to make grants to local programs that reduce pet overpopulation in underserved areas of our state. With funding from CPOF, animal care and control organizations and veterinarians are working together to reduce unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.